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April 24, 2019


Hey! My name is Matt. You can call me "kat" Which people usually like to call me. I started out on wikia a few months ago on my "Home wiki" and instantly fell in love with the community and wikia as a whole. I can be found on the IRC in #cvn-wikia, #Wikia-VSTF, #Codwiki, ##wikia, #Cvn-wikia-cod or #Countervandalism. I found this wiki noticing some vandalism on #cvn-wikia, and saw the shape this wiki's in. I plan to stay and try and clean up the vandalism/help clean it up/ bring it back into the place it used to be.

Did you know...

  • I read content on many different wikis to compare quality level?
  • You can feel free to ask me for help anytime?
  • I live in Vancouver, B.C, Canada?
  • I will hurr and durr!?

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I keep my edit count low in prevention of a life-threatening disease. This disease is known as Edititis, and it plagues many wikis, inhabiting the bodies of several unwilling users. Once you get this, you can't get rid of it, try to stay clean...